Technology  News

The Frontier School Corporation has a technology environment that is changing more rapidly than ever before. While we can keep a somewhat routine schedule to replacing computers, the software, networking, and accessories that make those computers effective change more quickly and irregularly based on needs.

Our current challenges are mostly related to how COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and learn in 2020.

This quote from a previous version of this page just hasn’t borne out during this unprecedented time: “The Frontier School Corporation is determined to “go slow to go fast.” This means we are deliberate and calculated in our approach to provide only the best opportunities for our students. Sometimes you have to go slow (make sure you have the infrastructure, right people, resources, plans) to go fast (take off and deliver results to the next level).”

We have had to move as quickly as we can given the limited supply of equipment available this year, but we have worked to provide teachers with the basic tools–hardware, software, and training–needed to cope with the changing way that instruction is given and received.

We continue to strive to do our best to go beyond the frontier even with this new frontier we are facing.

Technology Department Contacts

Frontier School Corporation Technology Dept.
126 E. Main Street
Chalmers, IN 47929

David Hoover, Technology Director – [email protected]

Al Lindstrom, Technology Assistant- [email protected]