2020-2021 Frontier Jr.-Sr. High School Course Description Handbook 

20-21 Course Handbook

E-TRANSCRIPT is a program used in the state of Indiana to process academic transcripts. Directions on how to access and use this program will be discussed in addition to an in class demonstration.


Frontier Dual Credit Opportunities-Here are but a few of our dual credit opportunities available to students:

Frontier / IVY Tech through the ‘Double Up’ program

Principles of Business Management 

Principles of Marketing & Entrepren. 

Entrepreneur and New Ventures 

Business Law and Ethics / Business Law

Intro to Engineering

Intro to Advancing Manufacturing 

Natural Resources / Natural Resources Management

Agribusiness Management / Agribusiness & Farm Management

 AP English & ACP Chemistry (Chem II) are also dual credit taught through Indiana University

Advanced Speech taught through Indiana University

United States History Honors taught through Indiana University 

Advance Placement Courses taught by Frontier teachers

AP Calculus

Frontier holds dual credit agreements with the following institutions:

IVY Tech Community College of Indiana

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana