Adopted Reading and Writing Curriculum, Remediation Programs, and Administrative Contact

Subject/CourseGradesResource NameAligned to IASRationale for Resource Use
Reading1-6McGraw Hill   Yes Textbook and readers are core components of reading program. 
Writing  1-6 McGraw Hill   Yes    Reading/Writing Companion  
MathK-6McGraw Hill: Reveal  Yes    learn Math conceptually and integrate technology     


Response to Intervention Services

Response To Intervention is a program that educators use to provide strategies to support students if they have areas of concern in academics or behavior. It is a tiered level program that is customized to each individual student to meet their needs. An RTI paraprofessional works with RTI students throughout the week on identified skills based on NWEA and classroom assessments. Frontier Elementary conducts RTI  meetings with various stakeholders every Friday to discuss RTI students and look at their data to ensure appropriate services are being given.  Adjustments to the individualized plans are conducted when needed during the meetings and always have parental consent. 

Title 1 Services

Frontier Elementary Title 1 services include instruction/intervention using the Reading Horizons program. In addition, students receive support and practice aligned to classroom instruction. The Title 1 teacher and classroom teachers collaborate to address students’ needs. Students receive direct services 4x per week. The selection process for students is ongoing and flexible grouping based on student data and needs. 

Dyslexia Intervention

Frontier Elementary uses Reading Horizons. The Reading Horizons program systematically and explicitly teaches phonics, leading to increased word recognition, fluency and comprehension. Using Reading Horizons as instructional intervention and as a systematic program will enable Frontier Elementary to address weaknesses in students. The program has proven effective for students with dyslexia, visual processing deficiencies and/or learning disabilities. Program elements requested include: Software, Professional Development and Evaluative Measures.

Frontier Elementary Administrative Contact-Mrs. Jillian Layton Contact: 219-984-5438 (Phone)

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