2001 Bluebird Chevy 14 Passenger Handicap Accessible White Mini Bus for Sale

Frontier School Corporation is selling a 2001 Bluebird Chevy 14 passenger handicap accessible white mini bus.. The 2001 bluebird has 153,178 miles.  The bus currently has only 2 student seats in it (seating for approx 6).  The bus will be sold as-is by sealed bid. Bids must be provided to the Frontier School Corporation by Friday, June 30, 2023. Anyone purchasing the vehicle must show legal responsibility with insurance coverage on the vehicle before taking possession. All sealed quotes must have the following information:

Name of bidder: _____________________

Address of bidder: _____________________


Phone number of bidder __________________

Bid amount in dollars ____________________

*Frontier School Corporation reserves the right to not award a winning bid if the bid fails short of the value of the bus as determined by the school corporation

The 2001 Bluebird Chevy 14 passenger bus can be viewed in the Frontier School Corporation parking lot at 126 E. Main Street in Chalmers, IN during office hours of 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday-Thursday.

Click here for printable pdf document.

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