Frontier Elementary School
811 S. Railroad St. Brookston, IN 47923
Principal:  Mrs. Carmen Bordner
Vice Principal:  Mrs. Jillian Layton
Phone: 219-984-5438
Fax: 765-563-6938

Frontier Elementary is committed to continually learning about learning

Neuroscience has discovered that our brain’s very design makes it sociable, drawn into an intimate brain-to-brain linkup whenever we engage with another person. That neural bridge lets us affect our brain – and so the body – of everyone we interact with, just as they do us (Goleman, 2006). 

Understanding the importance of connections, we purposefully design students’ days around engagement and collaboration. Teachers intentionally plan for students to have a blend of instruction, collaboration, practice and application. We call this Instructional Framework Say It, Play It, Relay It, Weigh It.

Your child’s day may include technology for pieces of instruction, but teachers chose the most effective ways for students to have screen time. Teachers also plan students’ days to have variety, not extended amounts of time looking at a screen. 

While technology can be an effective tool, we always want to scrutinize its use under the microscope of purpose, focusing online time to a “small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things we value” (Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism, p.28).