FCA Students Attend Event

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On October 11, Frontier FCA attended a Fields of Faith event at West Central high school! This is a student-led event where students challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ. It takes place on a sports field! Students really enjoyed attending this event.

BIO II Students Extract DNA

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Bio II, FHS students extracted DNA from strawberries (the gooey looking stuff on the Popsicle stick.) FHS provides many hands-on learning opportunities such as this one to prepare our students for the future.

Notice of School Board Vacancy

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Cathy Rowe, Superintendent

October 19, 2015

126 E. MAIN STREET P.O. BOX 809 CHALMERS, IN 47929 219-984-5009

PHONE: 219-984-5009 FAX: 219-984-5022

The Frontier School Board of Trustees announces a vacancy to the school board effective October 31, 2015. School board member Erica Wasson recently submitted her resignation to the school board at the Monday, October 19th meeting due to relocating outside of the district. The school board members expressed their appreciation for her contribution to the board and wished her the best of luck as she leaves the board.

The Frontier School Board of Trustees is seeking applicants to fill the vacant position to the school board to serve out the term being vacated by Erica Wasson. An individual will be appointed to fill the vacancy through December 31, 2018 and will be replaced by the individual elected to the position (based on the November 18, 2018 election results) on January 1, 2019.

Interested reisents of the Frontier School Corporation must submit a letter expressing interest in the board appointment and their qualifications for the position to the district office no later than 3:30PM November 11, 2015.

Following a review of the submitted materials, the board may schedule interviews with selected candidates. Not all candidates for the board vacancy will be interviewed. If you have any questions concerning the role of the board member, please contact Superintendent Cathy Rowe at 219-984-5009.

Qualified candidates must be at least 21 years of age and residents of the Frontier School Corporation, in addition to meeting all other election eligibility criteria.

National School Bus Safety Week

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National Bus Safety Week took place in October. The school bus is a national icon and representation of our schools and students. However, despite its large size, color and lighting system, motorists violate the school bus stop laws on a daily basis. Frontier drivers report stop arm violators every day.

Would you join Frontier as we fight to make people aware of the school bus stop arm laws and the danger of not paying attention? This is a community responsibility. Please take the time to view the following video. Keep our kids safe.

Veteran’s Day Program

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The fifth grade Veterans’ Day program will be held on Nov. 11 at 9 a.m.,and 6:30 p.m. in the Old Gym. All local veterans and community members are invited to attend. We look forward to the veterans introducing themselves at the evening performance. We hope to see you there.


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Thanks to the PTO for coordinating another wonderful fundraiser. Our PTO does an excellent job of supporting our students and staff.  We appreciate all they do for FES!

Problem Based Learning

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During the second nine weeks of the school calendar, Frontier Jr-Sr High School will be conducting a “trial-run” modified block schedule. Monday, Tuesday and Friday will retain the same 47 minute – seven period day; however, on Wednesday and Thursday the seven classes will be spread out over two days, and students will spend 94 minutes in each class.

This modified block schedule will allow us to carve out an additional block of time that will be dedicated towards Problem Based Learning. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is defined as a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem. Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge (www.learning-theories.com). Students will collaborate together and go beyond basic recall while moving towards analysis, argument, and evaluation.

Currently, the faculty is engaged in preparing for PBL and it is our goal to push students to think, to problem-solve, and to approach the world with a critical eye. We call this modified block schedule a trial run because most likely it will need tweaked and refined as we discover what works well and what needs improved. Most importantly, we are excited for the learning opportunities PBL will bring our kids as we continue to focus on best practices to prepare our students for college and career.

Camp Tecumseh

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Two grade levels get to experience a local jewel – Camp Tecumseh! Third grade will spend the day there on Oct. 7 while sixth grade will spend two days (including an overnight stay!) on the Oct. 13-14.