Become a Bus Driver

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Frontier School Corporation is now accepting applications for substitute bus drivers. Requirements include a completed application and background check, an active CDL, a three- day pre-service class, CDL physical, driving permit with observation hours, actual driving hours as well as written test and driving test in addition to drug testing and other bus licensing requirements. Interested applicants would need to stop by the Frontier School Corporation Office at 126 E. Main Street in Chalmers, Indiana, for more information.

Request for Proposals

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Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 2022/01

I. Frontier School Corporation is ending a two year cycle for Property/Casualty, Liability, Crime, Commercial Inland Marine, Security & Law Enforcement Liability, Educational Errors & Omission Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Automobile, Umbrella/Excess, Cyber Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  The cycle ends on June 30, 2022 and the new cycle begins on July 1, 2022.

II. Invitation

Through this invitation, Frontier School Corporation is seeking to contract a qualified, reputable, and experienced company/corporation/firm to provide insurance services for Frontier School Corporation.

III. Details

Request for Proposal packets may be obtained by contacting the Frontier School Corporation office at 126 E.Main Street, P.O. Box 809, Chalmers, IN 47929.  Interested individuals may also contact 219-984-5009 to obtain a Request for Proposal packet.

IV. Details concerning coverages and terms are outlined in the Request for Proposal packets available through the Frontier School Corporation Superintendent’s Office.

V. Proposals must be submitted to Frontier School Corporation no later than Friday, June 3, 2022 @ 3:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time to be considered.

VI. Request for Proposal Documents will include closed insurance markets and open insurance markets.  No vendor can submit a Request for Proposal from a closed insurance market.

VII. The RFP will include the following parts:

  • Property

  • Commercial Inland Marine

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Crime

  • Security & Law Enforcement Liability

  • Educational Errors and Omissions Liability

  • Employment Practice Liability

  • Commercial Automobile

  • Umbrella/Excess

  • Cyber Liability

  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

  • Excess Violent Act and Death Benefit Aggregate

VIII. Name of Insured includes Frontier School Corporation and Frontier School Building Corporation

IX. The link to the RFP information for Insurance is:

March is Reading Month

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Reading is celebrated across the nation during the month of March. Frontier has many activities planned in our buildings, but you can also celebrate at home with your student. Here are some great ways to incorporate reading into the month of March, and beyond.

  1. Go Book Shopping. This can be done anywhere from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the library. Ask friends, librarians and teachers for some great book recommendations.
  2. Get Comfortable. Designate a special spot in your house for reading. Fill it with pillows, blankets and books. It doesn’t have to be big.
  3. Set Aside Family Reading Time. It is a lot easier to get everyone reading if everyone is doing it together. Set aside a designated amount of time each night. This may include reading a book as a family or everyone reading on their own.
  4. Celebrate With a Movie. As a family you can choose a book that also has a movie. After you read the book together, you can all settle in and watch the movie together. You can even have a discussion about which one you thought was better and why.

Support Your Child’s Education from Home

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Volunteering in the classroom is not always something parents can do. Luckily, it isn’t the only way to foster your child’s education. According to the National Education Association (NEA), here are four tips for what parents can do outside the classroom to help their child succeed. 

  1. Create a home environment that encourages learning and schoolwork. Establish a daily routine of mealtimes with time for homework, chores and bedtime.
  2. Reinforce learning at home and show your child the skills they’re learning are applicable to everyday life. For example, if your child is learning about measuring, bake with them in the kitchen and bring that skill to life.
  3. Let your child see you reading, writing, using math and technology.  
  4. Read all information that comes from school (emails, flyers, etc.) to help you stay on top of what your child is learning. 

We want your opinion!

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Frontier School Corporation is beginning to build a calendar for the 2023-2024 school year. We would like to obtain some feedback from parents concerning the calendar. We are asking parents to complete a 8-10 question multiple choice or rating scale questions concerning the 2023-2024 calendar. We are requesting parents complete the calendar survey by Friday, February 5, 2022. Click here to go to the survey.

Reading at Home is Fun

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Frontier Schools ensures that each student is given the time to read each day. This is essential in order to learn and grow as a reader. Reading is all around us and it is our job, both as teachers and as parents, to get our students/children involved. Since reading is important at every level, what better time than now? 

We have many ways that we get students involved in the classroom, but reading at home is equally as important. Here are some creative ways to get your children excited about reading at home.

Take family trips to the library. Where else can you choose from millions of free books? You can even check out books for your e-reader. After your trip, try to set aside time each day where everyone in your family sits down to read. All you ned is 15-20 minutes!

Find websites that interest your child. Reading on the computer is a great way to get reluctant readers to read. They just don’t realize that they are reading, they just think they are having fun on the computer. 

Remember, reading is everywhere. Whether it is a menu at a restaurant, or the cereal box at the breakfast table, reading is a must. Make sure your child is given the time to do it every day!