Reading at Home is Fun

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Frontier Schools ensures that each student is given the time to read each day. This is essential in order to learn and grow as a reader. Reading is all around us and it is our job, both as teachers and as parents, to get our students/children involved. Since reading is important at every level, what better time than now? 

We have many ways that we get students involved in the classroom, but reading at home is equally as important. Here are some creative ways to get your children excited about reading at home.

Take family trips to the library. Where else can you choose from millions of free books? You can even check out books for your e-reader. After your trip, try to set aside time each day where everyone in your family sits down to read. 15-20 minutes is all you need.

Find websites that interest your child. Reading on the computer is a great way to get reluctant readers to read. They just don’t realize that they are reading, they just think they are having fun on the computer. 

Remember, reading is everywhere. Whether it is a menu at a restaurant, or the cereal box at the breakfast table, reading is a must. Make sure your child is given the time to do it every day!   

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Congrats to our All-State Football Award Winners:

  • Treven Girard – 1st Team IFCA 1A All-State LB
  • Caleb Atkinson – 1st Team IFCA 1A Junior All-State RB

Lions Club Peace Poster Contest Winner

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Lions Club International sponsors an annual Peace Poster Contest to emphasize the importance of world peace to young people everywhere. Congratulations to sixth grader Wyatt Wiese, whose peace poster entry (pictured) was selected as the winner of the local competition sponsored by the Brookston Lions Club.