Jr. High Classroom Supply List

2019-2020 Frontier Jr. High Classroom Supplies List

Headphones (to use with ChromeBook for English) 

Box of Tissues (to give to the 1st-period teacher) 

2 College ruled notebook paper (for Eng., Sci. & S.S.) 

Pack of pencils (Eng, Sci., S.S. & Math) 

Colored pencils (8 or 12 pack for Eng., Sci., S.S. & Math) Binders or folders (Eng., S.S., Sci. & Math) 

Glue sticks (2 for Sci., 1 for S.S.) 

Dry Erase Markers (turn in for Math Homework Pass) 

1 Scientific Calculator (Math) 

Colorful Grading Pens (Math & Sci.) 

Highlighters (Sci. & Eng.) 

Paper towels (Sci.) 

Disinfectant wipes (Sci) 

Markers (10 or 12 pack for Eng. & Sci.)


Please visit www.facebook.com/Frontier-School-Corporation-780155912091958/ to access the Elementary supply list.