Greetings from Frontier High Jr-Sr High School. I wanted to share some of the happenings going on at our school. The Frontier Success Program is up and running! Each Monday morning, we check student grades and identify students currently failing a class. Identified students are then directed to attend study sessions on Tuesday and Thursday after school. Tutoring and transportation is provided. We continue to see the number of students required to attend study sessions drop each grading period.

As we approach the second nine weeks, Frontier Jr-Sr High School will again embark on a Problem Based Learning program. All students will collaborate with a group to find a solution to a problem. Students will be required to listen, to speak, to write, to work with others and to present a relevant solution to an authentic audience. We feel it important to give students an opportunity to practice college and career skills, and in addition, to reinforce soft skills that employers are looking for.