We are very excited to begin a new school year. I was speaking with a few returning students the other day, and I asked them if they were excited to return to school. Predictably, they didn’t exude enthusiasm at the prospect of re-entering our hallowed halls of academia. I then reminded them that “you can’t get finished until you get started.” I was actually proud of my quick wit and response! (But somewhere in the back of my mind I could see my wife rolling her eyes.) In any case, I later thought about that exchange with the students and it occurred to me that while getting started and getting finished are perfectly acceptable expectations, I left out a whole bunch of good stuff that happens in between getting started and getting finished!

Frontier represents the best of both worlds – because we are small we value the close attention students are able to receive in the classroom. The relationships between student and teacher and small class sizes are a definite benefit to a child’s education. However, we don’t let our small size prevent us from offering a diverse curriculum. Frontier students are able to take advantage of numerous classes ranging from engineering to advanced placement English.

Frontier celebrated its 50 year anniversary last year, and it was an amazing thing to see as Frontier Alumni – now doctors, teachers, lawyers, veterans, farmers, engineers, politicians, and others – came back to celebrate with us! At Frontier our goal is “Going Beyond the Frontier for Every Student, Every Day”, and we are committed to accomplishing that goal.

— Jeff Hettinger, Principal