“The best we have to give is all of ourselves.”

The quote above from Dave Weber exemplifies the teachers and staff at Frontier Elementary. While students and families enjoyed the last few weeks of summer, the teachers, secretaries, counselors, kitchen staff, nurse, custodial and maintenance personnel have been busy preparing the details of the start of school. If your child attends Frontier Elementary, you are fortunate to have a dedicated, caring, hard-working staff providing your child’s education. They have given all of themselves!

As the new principal of Frontier Elementary, I have to ask myself, “Would I bring my children to this school?” My answer would be a resounding “YES!” The school’s climate, facilities, parent involvement and amazing staff come together to make FES a special place. I am truly grateful to be in such a wonderful school.

Moving into the fall, students at FES will be starting new adventures in learning. Parents, grandparents and family friends will all be asking, “How do you like school?” Hold onto your hats – students are excited to be at Frontier Elementary!

— Carmen Bodner, Principal