One year ago, Frontier started the Success Program with a goal in mind to reduce the number of students failing classes. We are proud to report that we have seen a significant
reduction of students failing in each grade period.

Student grades are checked on Monday mornings. Students that have an “F” in any class are then notified (and their parents) that they will be required to attend mandatory study sessions on Tuesday and Thursday of that week from 3:15 – 4:10 p.m. The school provides bus transportation for those students that need it. Because we only check grades on Monday morning, students must attend both the Tuesday and Thursday study sessions regardless of an improved grade.
After examining why students were receiving failing grades, the overwhelming majority of them were simply not doing their homework. This is an important point to make – study sessions were designed to provide students with additional time to complete work that they weren’t completing on their own. The study sessions were not designed as 1:1 tutoring session. With that said, students have the opportunity to make arrangements with their teachers to seek help during study sessions if they need to. In most situations, teachers will be more than willing to stay and help any student who makes the request.

Students who have legitimate conflicts with the study session times have alternate times provided to them. Any student who skips a study session will be required to serve a detention and/or other additional consequences.

Frontier has been very happy with the impact that this has had on students who could potentially fail. The Success Program has guided many students back on track toward graduation.