How are you spending your summer?

There are a lot of demands on your time during the summer. About this time of year, everybody is mentally making a list of how to spend summer break. In addition to summer ball, 4-H and vacation, make sure you add reading to that list. Reading is a great thing to do in the car, at the pool, waiting for service at a restaurant or even while camping.

Do you want to learn a new hobby? Learn more soccer skills? Have you always wanted to bake bread? Do you know how fireworks work? What about star gazing, or Indiana’s state park system? All of these things can be found in a book. You get to choose what interests you.

In addition to reading being just plain fun and relaxing, it is a great way to keep fresh on your grammar and vocabulary. Reading just four books over the summer will help keep you sharp for the next school year. And you get to help Scholastic Inc. break a new world record. Their global goal is 325 million minutes read between May 4 and September 4! How much better can that get? You help Scholastic. You help yourself. You have fun. For more information on breaking a world record, and choosing good fit books, see you favorite librarian this summer.