Meet Frontier’s Distinguished Alumni

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The newly created Frontier High School Alumni has been established and is aggressively and actively pursuing all past Frontier High School Alumni to join our alumni association.

The Frontier High School Alumni is proud to announce that planning is underway for the first official homecoming celebrating the 50th graduating class. The first graduating class of the newly consolidated Frontier High School was the graduating class of 1966, which came together in the fall of 1965 from the schools of the former Chalmers High School and Brookston High School.

We are VERY excited to make our Frontier High School Alumni one that is to be emulated by other alumni associations! We are proud to be Falcons and hope you will join us as we venture forward to bring our graduates home once again!

  • Duffy Odle (’66)
  • Jacquie Lehe (’67)
  • Carol Thompson (’71)
  • Deb Corso (’73)
  • Jennier Biehl (’96)
  • Kathy Sims (’66)
  • Superintendent Cathy Rowe

Alumni Demographic Information: Please complete and return to us at the Corporation Office (126 E. Main Street, Chalmers, IN 47929)